‘Before I started the career coaching programme I was day-dreaming about a future I didn’t really believe was possible and having finished the programme I am now quite sure I can make it happen. I would say to anyone thinking of doing it to take it and embrace it, to help you make the next steps in this one life that most matters to you.’
Elena, Italy

‘Coaching has provided me with a safe environment to explore and talk through a problem in both a structured & flexible way. Initially I was a little sceptical about how effective telephone coaching could really be but George quickly creates an open and constructive environment that leads to a positive and valuable coaching experience. George has a friendly manner and is very skilled. She listens well, asks searching questions and offers constructive suggestions when appropriate. Definitely time well spent.’
Carol, Leicestershire

‘I have worked with George for some time and she has been extremely thorough at helping me to get to the real presenting issue. George has this ability to really listen and then summarise back to you in a way that helps me to understand what I have said. In addition, George facilitates me to probe under the initial problem. George is sensitive and structured in how she applies her coaching skills. I would highly recommend George.’
Susi, Devon

‘George helped me to understand how to achieve goals in small steps, in a way that contributed to a real feeling of achievement. She was fully appreciative of my needs and the context of my life and guided me in a way that allowed me to feel supported, but also motivated to take action.’
Laura, Yorkshire

‘I am clearer about the direction I wish to take career-wise and now believe that I can do something different. My confidence in my skills has increased. I would encourage anyone considering a change in job or career to use George as a coach. You get the chance to explore your skills, options and needs in a structured, guided way. She is challenging when needed and always helpful. Highly recommended.’
Kirsten, Yorkshire

‘I came to coaching thinking I wanted a complete career change. Through coaching I realised I still love what I do and need a change of organisation and sector rather than a complete career change.’
Frances, Italy

‘George has a lovely approachable and supportive manner. I love the fact that she pushes me to come up with solutions. The sessions were a pleasure and extremely helpful in assisting me to set and achieve my goals in my new career.’
Dawn, Yorkshire

‘George enabled me to see my issues with much greater clarity and to move forward rather than being stuck in a rut. I felt she had a creative approach and I always finished the sessions feeling there had been some very positive results.’
Vince, London

‘These sessions focussed me and helped me break down my challenges down into achievable items. I now feel I’m moving in the right direction and am excited about my future now I can see it’s achievable, all thanks to my coach, George.’
Martin, Yorkshire

‘Coaching has been very insightful for me and given me the confidence to make my life work better for me. Having George as a coach has been a great help.’ 
Anne-Marie, Humberside

‘I worked with George when my business was in its infancy. I was struggling with various areas, both business & home related. George helped me put things into perspective and plan my next course of actions. I worked at small achievable goals. I found the whole process very therapeutic. I would highly recommend George to anyone looking at different options or who is unsure which way to turn or what to do next. It really helps to talk to an impartial listener. George has a very calm manner which really helped me to deal with some difficult situations.’
Liz, Yorkshire

‘George was non judgemental and empathetic. She helped me come up with some interesting options, kept me on track and focussed on my goals.’
Barbara, West Sussex

‘George is a good listener and I have found the coaching useful and effective in moving me towards my goals. She is very positive, encouraging and challenging.’
Ann, Leeds

'We cannot always wait for the perfect time. Sometimes we must dare to jump.'